R.E. Olds and the First Auto City

A short film highlighting Ransom Eli Old's legacy and it's lasting impact on the industrial city of Lansing, Michigan.

"A Shred of Evidence"

This fun film was the result of the capitalcityfilmfest.com/contests. The project is given four separate elements to incorporate into a film made in Michigan in just two weeks. This years elements were: crossed arms or legs, a mailbox, a restaurant, and the line of dialogue "You knew this wasn't going to be easy."

Another proud moment for the BCP boys after winning the 2016 Fortnight Film Festival Contest with this entry! Three is a charm.

Heist Guys

This was the BCP entry for the 2015 Capital City Film Fest. We were honored to take first for the second year in a row! Are they bumbling criminals or masters of the heist? Find out who pulls the strings in this fun and funny heist film.

Letting Go...

Life can be tough and having to make end-of-life decisions about the important companions in our lives are hard.....or are they?

Everyone's a Comedian

The winner of the 2014 CCFF Fortnight Film Contest and Biddle City Project's first foray into the short film catagory. A "Noir Comedy" the likes of which hasn't been seen in many a moon.