Soup Spoon 60 second spot

Friends don't let friends eat at chain restaurants! Biddle City Project doesn't either. A fun commercial we put together to help push catering for the amazing local restaurant

True Crime Book: "Murder in Grosse Pointe Park" (Bob Bashara case)

A promotional piece for "Murder in Grosse Pointe Park" by Steve Miller.

The Governor's Decision Room

Imagine a multiday, solution-based learning experience that allows your students to collaborate as they determine the best course of action for the governor during actual historical events. Using original documents and media, you and your students begin in your classroom where the background and context are presented through lessons from our course book. The final day of the experience takes place in the Governor's Decision Room, where students use once-confidential documents and media to process, develop and devise a real-life, real-time strategy to move forward. Then the governor presents the chosen course of action to the press. This capstone activity lets students compare their decisions with history, as they discover and discuss the plan implemented during the actual event. Through experiential learning, students broaden their problem-solving skills. The intensity of the lesson and the importance of each event help students collaborate and deliberate under pressure. They enhance their leadership skills and their understanding of government as they learn about Michigan's role in national historical events.

CATA Du It | Come Clean Duathlon Photo Contest

A cool little commercial put together for the nice folks over at! 

2015 Love Letter to Lansing Video Contest Second Place

This is The Biddle City Projects entry in the first annual Love Letters to Lansing contest hosted by the Capital City Film Festival. We live, love, and breathe Lansing and were so happy to have such a tremendous opportunity! 

How to Photograph a Glove

Mr. Turney came to Biddle City Project because he was sick of people asking him how he photographed gloves. We came up with this interesting piece with him!